She was only 9 years old when she knew she wanted to sing. Born in Romania , back then a communist country with less space for creativity or art, both of her parents had nothing to do with music. It was only after the political situation changed that Ramona heard Michael Jackson´s album „Off the wall“ for the first time. From that point on she just wanted to sing and dance.

She took singing classes, followed later on by the Academy of Theater and Cinema in Bukarest.

Ramona is living now in Germany , the country that allowed her to work even more on the entertainer she is today , taking her voice and stage skills very serious. Next step for her was the songwriting skills. For that she concentrated most of her attention in the last past years. Knowing that this was the best way to let her creativity flow.

She wrote hundreds of songs already and published a couple of them, writing for herself and other artists as well.

On her rush of getting her voice out there , she was part of some Music TV shows , The voice of Germany (season1) , The voice of Romania (season 6) and Eurovision Romania. Collaborated with the star DJ ATB on two tracks : Never give up & In and out of love. She traveled the world , sang on some many inspiring stages , sometimes sharing the stage with artists she used to look up to. When she´s not on stage Ramona loves cooking while at home or with friends.

Lately she’s been working on some new material with the romanian producer DR. Mako. As a result of that the first single is released in collaboration with the rapper MNDAY. Some other tracks are about to be released this year too.

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SOON: Ramona is working currently on her blog , which will soon be announced here on this page. So stay tuned !