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Welcome to Ramona Nerra´s webpage

This is the perfect spot to find out more about the singer- songwriter artist that she is.

Her music has a wide spectrum , with different colors and flavors just like herself. She was born in Romania (Eastern Europe) and moved in her early 20´s to Germany . What she has started as a hobby while in beautiful Romania , continued and developed into the entertainer she is today in the country that adopted her.
Pop-soul is the way her heart beats and this accents you will find while listening to her songs.

Current situation: Ramona released a brand new song „SORRY (for you)“ together with Dr. Mako (a famous romanian producer) featuring the rapper MNDAY.
The song reached in 2 days since the release day over 100 .000 views on youtube and the artist is looking forward to get the song out there and reach many more territories.

Ramona Nerra & MNDAY talking about „Sorry(for you)“



  • Album
    Let's Just Dance (feat. Dr. Mako & Kalif)
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  • Album
    Save Me
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    My heart is still winning